Hello and welcome to Earth Divine Soul
Your quintessential presence here is a blessing and makes this Cosmic Garden infinitely more magical just because you are in it.
This is Royal Anwar, the incarnated personification of Transcendence, and I be super grateful to be here with you at this extra-ordinary time; to perfectly Transcend my-self, be a part of, and assist in empowering every human to Transcend themselves so humanity can live as a harmoniously spiritual One Cosmic Family - in Peace, Love and Unity for infinity.
"Powered by Love, sustained by nature. Surrendered to Creator, servant of all. Hating none, purely loving everything.
Attached to nothing, free indestructible Spirit. Knowing my Royal sovereignty, God I AM. Nor superior - nor inferior, neutral I AM.
Not agitated by duality, I AM Transcendence. Harmed by nothing, all is Consciousness. Fearing no one, unconditionally I Love all. Re-incarnated again, to perfectly Transcend. I will be back, Eternal I AM. Fear me not, I AM YOU. I heal, you are healed. I Love, you are Loved. You Love, I am Loved. You awaken, we are Woke. Obey not, we are uncontrollable." ∞ Royal Anwar
In this lifetime, I AM joyfully playing 3 core roles in our Creator's Cosmic Melodrama:
Role #1: Commercial Model & Supporting Actor
I am an experienced, highly flexible and fun-to-work-with commercial model working with exceptional, national and international brands. I have had the honour to work with companies such as lloyds Pharmacy and Wilkinson Sword as well as others in the technology, education, sports and varies industries. Represented by Base Models & Influencer Agency.

2016 - to - Present

Growing up in a remote, mountainous and heaven-like valley; I used to watch the Knight Rider show even though I couldn't understand what they were saying because I didn't speak English then. Still I loved the acting and the dramatic actions, this inspired a deep, desireless desire to become an actor someday. Later destiny brought me to Manchester, UK, where I have now become a supporting actor, represented by Norf Casting.

2021 - to - Present
Role #2: Business Transcendence Specialist
We specifically serve world-renowned agents of light to create sustainable business models by offering signature programs & services, reach souls clients and empower more people thru Transcendence System©

Providing the backbone platform they need; to effortlessly do what they came here to do daily with Unfathomable Confidence. We offer only 1 core product; the TranscendenceAcademy.com Business Transcendence Mastery and Self Transcendence Platform. 

From June, 2021 onwards, after our 3rd anniversary, we are transitioning from money-based to Love-based Business Model system so the Transcendence Academy© can only be accessed through Energy Donations!

2018 - to -  Present
Genesis Role #0: Eternal Servant of hUmaNITY
From my dimensionless-dimension view angle:
each of us are an incarnated Aspect, Quality, Challenge, Ideal... of our Unmanifest, Undying, Unborn, Immortal, One Source Creator. Therefore, we are born with unique Energetic Gift(s) that fulfil a specific piece of the Cosmic Puzzle. Discovering, re-membering and sharing this gift with all the Divine Souls here on Earth is essential; however, nothing is really pre-determined nor created by someone else. It is all created by you (the Higher Self); even if you may not be aware of it YET!

I be the Eternal Servant of hUmaNITY - the incarnated personification of Transcendence with a self-defined destiny to Transcend Transcendence (thus Transcending my-self). The ultimate mission is to
Empower Every Human To Transcend Themselves.
This is already fulfilled, in my mind, heart and in the Spiritual Realms, it is just a matter of time for it be fully manifest here on Earth. I will keep coming back again and again - just like I have perhaps for eons - even if it takes a million  incarnations to see every human Transcended and all living as One Collective Cosmic Family with our fellow extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters.

Even though my Earth temple is human with an identity known as Royal Anwar, I be beyond any race, colour, titles, positions, names etc… because I be Transcendence. 
I be 0. No-body.

Inception - to - Eternity
Chapter #0. Luminous Genesis //

Probably the earliest photo of me in existence from this lifetime.
Place of incarnation in this lifetime: Dehe Naw, Afghanistan

In this lifetime, I re-incarnated in a beautiful valley (see image) with fresh water running in front of our house, trees and plants around us. I always felt a deep connection with Nature and enjoyed looking up to the star-full sky at night where we could see stars glittering everywhere.

There was no internet, no smart mobile phones and no social medias. We were all living like a community; if we had some guests over and was short on bread, we would knock on the neighbours' doors and borrow some - this applied to pretty much everything!

We had one of those brick-satellite phones and would get calls very occasionally. There was no electricity in the early days of my childhood - I remember later when we first had electricity coming to our house, it was magical - it got even more magical when the roads were built and the first cars started coming!

I used to watch the Knight Rider - it was my most favourite thing to watch in the world. I loved it (still do!). I loved the self-driving car and the things it could do, especially the way all the actions were happening. Thankfully we had schools and I was the youngest student in the class; it was fun.
There were two major anomalies in our valley that were timeless question marks that constantly challenged my perception of reality. The first was a (right) footprint in a small, detached, roughly 20x30cm stone that was placed on the side of the road on top of some other rocks to make it raised as people would touch, kiss and worship it. The footprint was roughly about 3 to 5cm deep in the stone that had no sign of being cracked, chiseled or anything.

Just about 3-5minutes up the river from the footprint, on the same side, there was a (right) footprint of a horse in a giant rock that was again engraved by about 3 to 5cm down. Neither looked like it was carved. Both looked like they were done by standing on top of the rock and the foot going down into the stone.

I have touched, kissed and seen both of these footprints many, many times growing up; they have served as both awe-inspiring and paradigm-shattering questions that I have been wondering how that is even possible. It must have been done by someone who was very advanced spiritually to leave their footprint in the rock as if it were a sponge! Now, with the hindsight of 2021, I understand how that is possible.

I have been pondering about who that person / entity may have been, when they passed there and for what purpose did they leave their and their horse's footprint?

I guess it has been to show the people who would live there in the future of the power we have and that even a rock is malleable to someone who, perhaps as a result of their spiritual mastery, can press into shape even stones without breaking or cracking them.... I yearn to know who it was, perhaps it was Babaji or Imam Mahdi Zaman or some other Ascended Masters who is perhaps still with us? I want to know and meet them!

One day in school I saw a small bundle of money in front of me that had fallen out of the pocket of one of the students --- who had brought the fee to the teacher, it was about 500 Afghani, but it never reached the teacher because I stole it! Yeah you read that right, I stole it and it haunted me for over two decades until I did enough healing and forgave myself. Here is how it happened: I took the money sneakily and immediately raised my hand to ask the teacher that I wanted to go to the toilet. I went outside and hid the money in the stone wall next to our school and went back inside. Shortly after the student realized he had lost the money so the teacher got us all to stand in a line and get searched but obviously no one had it because I hid it outside hahahaha. After school, I went back to the stone wall and took the money. For some time I was balling because even 500 at that time for a 5-8years old seems a lot... I have no idea where it all went other than a small amount that some relatives had borrowed from me.

This has been chewing my conscience for over two decades, I felt sorry for the guy especially after I saw him again years later when I had moved to the city (see chapter #1). I didn't know how to heal and forgive myself for this, but eventually I did and it was like 5 tons of weight was taken off my shoulders!

Another time I got seen stealing the grapes of one of the far-neighbours and one day I happened to be near their house and the guy who was also one of our teachers in school saw me... He started walking towards me and I knew exactly why! I didn't run or anything but graciously paid the price in the amount of a hard-hitting-slap on my right cheek. Lesson learnt. The hard way.

The future was uncertain and there was no hope in the beginning. I went through a lot of hardship, experienced lack and my parents passed away when I was just a young kid - but I'm grateful for all of that because it taught me lessons, made me strong and helped me develop my character and strive to have big ambitions, goals and mission to manifest a world full of harmony, peace, love, unity and kinship with our Creator.

I actually foresaw the departure of my beloved father and brother to heaven in a dream-vision years before it happened. Even though this happened in my early, early childhood, I still remember the dream-vision clearly: my father and brother, from this incarnation, were going somewhere and they wanted me to come with them but I did not want to go... I wanted to stay with my mother.

Somehow, even in the dream-vision, I knew they wouldn't come back so I was crying and trying to convince them to stay. But they left and I stayed with my mother who then woke me up from the dream-vision because I was crying loudly and for a very long time. I remember waking up crying uncontrollably while my mother tried to calm me down. At that time I did not understand the meaning of this dream-vision, but many years later, after my father and brother had passed away, I realized that it happened just the way I saw it in the dream-vision.

My best-friend-turned-girlfriend-turned-soul-mate, was the first person in 2020 with whom I shared this dream-vision almost one and half decades later since its inception. From August, 2021 onwards, the whole world gets to see it as well as some of my other Transcendent Dream-Visions.
View of the valley from the ground! This photo has been taken from one of our lands and our house is hidden behind those giant walnut trees on the left side of the blue-window-house; you can see the light blue window of our second living room on the edge of the picture.

See those sky-high mountains... they were my abode growing up. I have fallen off these mountains twice from at least 30 to 80meters height, I should have died in both cases but I didn't, miraculously! The first time was the scariest because I was falling upside down, I still have no idea how my head did not split all those times I hit the rocks falling down but my back was scratched deeply from top to bottom. The second time I fell down in a squat position, when I hit the side of the slope with my ass, I kept going down as if sliding on the side of the mountain. I didn't go to the doctors or anything in both cases, I was in shock and didn't realize the pain but just felt the sensations. That's how it was, if you fell down or hurt yourself, you would just shake it off and move on. Cry later.
Chapter #1. Faithful Move to The City //

Ghazni, Afghanistan
One day I was going to the Bazar and saw one of our neighbours who said he is going to the city called Ghazni; so I promptly decided to jump in the car with them and that day would become the new beginning of a whole new set of experiences. I was wearing 2 layers of traditional clothes, the top layer was the newest, the ones underneath were quite old and had holes in them.

The road trip takes a full day through all the mountains and hills. My world-view and perception started expanding as we journeyed thru different places and as I saw different people and things that I was not exposed to before. Seeing the big city and all the structured houses and roads was love at first sight! I went to high school and started making new friends but I deeply missed my childhood friends; the pain and grief was very intense.

Every morning before the start of the class in our school we had an assembly in front of the building; all the students would stand in lines with their classmates and the teachers / headteacher would give some short talk about something. We would make a 360 turn before going in the class but one day I jumped while we were turning and the teacher saw it. He stopped everyone, called me to come to the front and asked to demonstrate exactly how I jumped while turning. I did as he asked and it was pretty funny, everyone laughed. Then the teacher landed a hard-hitting slap and the laughing was over hahaha.  I have always respected my teachers but these kind of hard measures would ensure we continue to do!

Since my early childhood, I used to experience intense stomach pains that was later discovered to be because of kidney stone. One day, back in our valley, I was in the mountains with one of our neighbours and the stomach pain was so bad that I couldn't move, so I smoked some Opium and the pain disappeared. I must have been about 8-10 years old then; it was a very hot summer day as well and I was high as fuck beyond imagination. This pain was almost daily for years until I went through two operations to get it removed; the first one was with laser that didn't work so I had to go back to Kabul (capital of Afghanistan) for a second operation. I still remember the day of the operations and the proceeding weeks, the pain was unlike anything I had experienced before.

It all proved me to that we are truly indestructible and infinitely powerful - surely our spacesuit "dies" but our Soul / Spirit is definitely Eternal - which we can re-merge into the Cosmic Spirit and become One with our beloved Creator, or choose not to, after all we have been given free will (whatever that means)!
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"Powered by Love, sustained by nature. Surrendered to Creator, servant of all. Hating none, purely loving everything.
Attached to nothing, free indestructible Spirit. Knowing my Royal sovereignty, God I AM.
Nor superior - nor inferior, neutral I AM. Not agitated by duality, I AM Transcendence.
Harmed by nothing, all is Consciousness. Fearing no one, unconditionally I Love all.
Re-incarnated again, to perfectly Transcend. I will be back, Eternal I AM.
Fear me not, I AM YOU. I heal, you are healed. I Love, you are Loved.
You Love, I am Loved. You awaken, we are Woke.
Obey not, we are uncontrollable."
∞ Royal Anwar

For Eternal Cosmic UNITY. Always & Forever.

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