Hello and welcome to the Quantum Era of Light & Love
This is Royal Anwar, brightest (and oddest) Light. I AM super grateful to be here on Earth at this extra-ordinary time; to perfectly Transcend myself, be a part of, and assist in empowering every human to Transcend themselves so we  can   create a better world full of Harmony, Peace, Love, Unity, and Unshakable, Unified, Transcendence Paradigms!

"Powered by Love, sustained by nature. Surrendered to Creator, servant of all. Hating none, purely loving everything.
Attached to nothing, free indestructible Spirit. Knowing my Royal sovereignty, God I AM. Nor superior - nor inferior, neutral I AM. Not agitated by duality, I AM Transcendence. Harmed by nothing, all is Consciousness. Fearing no one, unconditionally I Love all. Re-incarnated again, to perfectly Transcend. I will be back, Eternal I AM. Fear me not, I AM YOU. I heal, you are healed. I Love, you are Loved. You Love, I am Loved. You awaken, we are Woke. Obey not, we are uncontrollable." ∞ Royal Anwar
Symbol of my Cosmic Love
Symbol of my Luminous Light
Symbol of my Eternal Soul
In this lifetime, I AM joyfully playing 3 core roles in our Creator's Cosmic Melodrama:
Role #1: Commercial Model & Supporting Actor
I am an experienced, highly flexible and fun-to-work-with commercial model working with exceptional, national and international brands. I have had the honour to work with companies such as lloyds Pharmacy and Wilkinson Sword as well as others in the technology, education, sports and varies industries. Represented by Base Models & Influencer Agency.

2016 - Present

Growing up in a remote, mountainous and heaven-like valley; I used to watch the Knight Rider show even though I couldn't understand what they were saying because I didn't speak English then. Still I loved the acting and the dramatic actions, this inspired a deep, desireless desire to become an actor someday. Later destiny brought me to Manchester, UK, where I have now become a supporting actor, represented by Norf Casting.

2021 - Present
Role #2: Business Transcendence Specialist
We specifically serve world-renowned agents of light to create sustainable business models by offering signature programs & services, reach souls clients and empower more people thru Transcendence System©

Providing the backbone platform they need; to effortlessly do what they came here to do daily with Unfathomable Confidence. We offer only 1 core product; the TranscendenceAcademy.com Business Transcendence Mastery and Self Transcendence Platform. 

From July, 2021 onwards after our 3rd anniversary, we are transitioning from money-based to Love-based Business mModel system so the Transcendence Academy© can only be accessed through Energy Donations!

2018 - Present
Genesis Role #3: Transcendence Yogi
Each of us are born with unique Energetic Gift(s) that fulfil a specific piece of the Cosmic Puzzle. Re-membering and sharing this gift with the world is essential.

What specific purpose were you created for as a Soul ∞ with what unique gifts?

I AM manifest to be THE Transcendence Yogi in our Creator's Dream-Cosmos; although my secondary roles may change in each re-incarnation; however, the Genesis Role is always a constant --- it is Eternal as we are. The poem above conveyed part of my ever-evolving philosophy and how I see Reality thru my Transcendence Paradigm.

Inception - Eternity
Royal Anwar's Self Transcendence Vision Journal & Story from this lifetime [FULL VIDEO]
This is my gift to the world: you can Transcend yourself and create your own reality by going to the higher levels of existence - you design it the way you want it. Follow the light and be the light for others to follow as you shine and reveal the roadmap for them!

Up until 2020, only 2 people in the world saw my Self Transcendence Vision journal and visual chain of events mostly in full, from July, 2021 onwards, the whole world gets to see it in all. It's all out in the open, raw and real. I often say that I am like an open book with an interface; all you gotta do is enquire!

This is a never-ending-work-in-progress, some of the things you will see in this video are happening right now, some have already happened and the rest will be manifest as we go along the journey with the grace of our Infinitely-Abundant Creator. Thank you for being here on Earth at this special moment in time - I love you all unconditionally for eternity :)
Dehe Naw, Afghanistan

In this lifetime, I re-incarnated in a beautiful valley (see image) with fresh water running in front of our house, trees and plants around us. I always felt a deep connection with Nature and enjoyed looking up to the star-full sky at night where we could see stars glittering everywhere.

There was no internet, no smart mobile phones and no social medias. We were all living like a community; if we had some guests over and was short on bread, we would knock on the neighbours' doors and borrow some - this applied to pretty much everything!

We had one of those brick-satellite phones and would get calls very occasionally. There was no electricity in the early days of my childhood - I remember later when we first had electricity coming to our house, it was magical - it got even more magical when the roads were built and the first cars started coming!

I used to watch the Knight Rider - it was my most favourite thing to watch in the world. I loved it (still do!). I loved the self-driving car and the things it could do, especially the way all the actions were happening. Thankfully we had schools and I was the youngest student in the class; it was fun.
Chapter #0. Luminous Genesis //

There were two major anomalies in our valley that were timeless question marks that constantly challenged my perception of reality. The first was a (right) footprint in a small, detached, roughly 20x30cm stone that was placed on the side of the road on top of some other rocks to make it raised as people would touch, kiss and worship it. The footprint was roughly about 3 to 5cm deep in the stone that had no sign of being cracked, chiseled or anything.

Just about 3-5minutes up the river from the footprint, on the same side, there was a (right) footprint of a horse in a giant rock that was again engraved by about 3 to 5cm down. Neither looked like it was carved. Both looked like they were done by standing on top of the rock and the foot going down into the stone.

I have touched, kissed and seen both of these footprints many, many times growing up; they have served as both awe-inspiring and paradigm-shattering questions that I have been wondering how that is even possible. It must have been done by someone who was very advanced spiritually to leave their footprint in the rock as if it were a sponge! Now, with the hindsight of 2021, I understand how that is possible.

I have been pondering about who that person / entity may have been, when they passed there and for what purpose did they leave their and their horse's footprint?

I guess it has been to show the people who would live there in the future of the power we have and that even a rock is malleable to someone who, perhaps as a result of their spiritual mastery, can press into shape even stones without breaking or cracking them.... I yearn to know who it was, perhaps it was Babaji or Imam Mahdi Zaman or some other Ascended Masters who is perhaps still with us? I want to know and meet them!

The future was uncertain and there was no hope in the beginning. I went through a lot of hardship, experienced lack and my parents passed away when I was just a young kid - but I'm grateful for all of that because it taught me lessons, made me strong and helped me develop my character and strive to have big ambitions, goals and mission to manifest a world full of harmony, peace, love, unity and kinship with our Creator.

I actually foresaw the departure of my beloved father and brother to heaven in a dream-vision years before it happened. Even though this happened in my early, early childhood, I still remember the dream-vision clearly: my father and brother, from this incarnation, were going somewhere and they wanted me to come with them but I did not want to go... I wanted to stay with my mother.

Somehow, even in the dream-vision, I knew they wouldn't come back so I was crying and trying to convince them to stay. But they left and I stayed with my mother who then woke me up from the dream-vision because I was crying loudly and for a very long time. I remember waking up crying uncontrollably while my mother tried to calm me down. At that time I did not understand the meaning of this dream-vision, but many years later, after my father and brother had passed away, I realized that it happened just the way I saw it in the dream-vision.

My best-friend-turned-girlfriend-turned-soul-mate, Sabrina, was the first person in 2020 with whom I shared this dream-vision almost one and half decades later since its inception. From July, 2021 onwards, the whole world gets to see it as well as some of my other Transcendent Dream-Visions that I have had with Supreme Ascended Masters such as Mahavatar Babaji, Paramahansa Yoganandaji, Sri Yukteswar Giri as well as Lord Christ Jesus - the returning Messiah! (see chapter 16).
Ghazni, Afghanistan
Chapter #1. Faithful Move to The City //

One day I was going to the Bazar and saw one of our neighbours who said he is going to the city called Ghazni; so I promptly decided to jump in the car with them and that day would become the new beginning of a whole new set of experiences. I was wearing 2 layers of traditional clothes, the top layer was the newest, the ones underneath were quite old and had holes in them.

The road trip takes a full day through all the mountains and hills. My world-view and perception started expanding as we journeyed thru different places and as I saw different people and things that I was not exposed to before. Seeing the big city and all the structured houses and roads was love at first sight! I went to high school and started making new friends but I deeply missed my childhood friends; the pain and grief was very intense.

Every morning before the start of the class in our school we had an assembly in front of the building; all the students would stand in lines with their classmates and the teachers / headteacher would give some short talk about something. We would make a 360 turn before going in the class but one day I jumped while we were turning and the teacher saw it. He stopped everyone, called me to come to the front and asked to demonstrate exactly how I jumped while turning. I did as he asked and it was pretty funny, everyone laughed. Then the teacher landed a hard-hitting slap and the laughing was over hahaha.  I have always respected my teachers but these kind of hard measures would ensure we continue to do!

Since my early childhood, I used to experience intense stomach pains that was later discovered to be because of kidney stone. One day, back in our valley, I was in the mountains with one of our neighbours and the stomach pain was so bad that I couldn't move, so I smoked some Opium and the pain disappeared. I must have been about 8-10 years old then; it was a very hot summer day as well and I was high as fuck beyond imagination. This pain was almost daily for years until I went through two operations to get it removed; the first one was with laser that didn't work so I had to go back to Kabul (capital of Afghanistan) for a second operation. I still remember the day of the operations and the proceeding weeks, the pain was unlike anything I had experienced before.

It all proved me to that we are truly indestructible and infinitely powerful - surely our spacesuit "dies" but our Soul / Spirit is definitely Eternal - which we can re-merge into the Cosmic Spirit and become One with our beloved Creator, or choose not to, after all we have been given free will (whatever that means)!
Quetta, Pakistan

I now understand, with the hindsight of 2021, why I incarnated in a Hazara community and Muslim family in this lifetime... it was to experience their culture as well as be a witness to the "Ethnic Cleansing" of Hazaras especially in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries for who they are! 60% of the Hazara population was massacred just at the Dawn of the 20% century alone. 

While living in Quetta, Pakistan between the years 2011/2012, I witnessed, first-hand, how Hazara people were being killed mostly daily. I attended many protest gatherings as well as burial ceremonies of the divine Souls who had joyfully returned home to our Heavenly Father.

 I now understand the sacrifice these peaceful Hazara people made (as well as other groups of Divine Souls across the globe), and continue to make by giving their lives to help the rest of us awaken that we are not separate and that it does not matter what religion, colour, language or ethnicity we embody temporarily while incarnated on Earth; we humans, including everything in the Cosmos, are made from and with God's Cosmic Energy.
Chapter #2. Going on The Internet for The First Time //

My hearth sends vibrations of pure love to all the Souls, especially the Hazara ones with whom I have shared first-hand experiences and grown up with, for playing their role courageously and with honour so one day, very, very soon, the whole world can realize the Fundamental Truth that we are Unity and end, abruptly, all wars, hate, jealously, propaganda, control programs, racism and divisions among nations and individuals ----- this is what I ultimately wish to witness here on Earth, hopefully, in this lifetime!

I have gratefully Transcended identifications with any religions, ethnic groups, skin colours, sex types, spacesuit types... and do not identify with any political groups, organisations or agendas, especially the ones controlling and creating division among nations. I know the Fundamental Truth that I AM Eternal, Indestructible Spirit manifest as an individualized Soul; therefore, that is the only thing I identify with. I see Divine Souls, not an "Afghani", "Pakistani", "Hindu", "British", "Irish", "Thai", "American", "African" or any other titles that we call people with. My love is truly Universal, unconditionally, and permeates the whole Cosmos.

My elder brother who was living in the UK, graciously, invited me and his family to come here. This set in motion many trips across Afghanistan and eventually to Pakistan to complete the paperwork for entry to the UK. I lived in Pakistan for a year waiting for my passport and visa that was delayed, but now I understand why and have explained it in the beginning of this chapter which was, perhaps, a necessary experience for me to understand part of the purpose of my re-incarnation at this time.

It was in Quetta, Pakistan, where I went on the internet for the first time and there is a funny story here:

I went to the internet cafe, booked a booth and spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to turn on the desktop computer. It was a very hot summer day, I was sweating in a small cubical pressing every button on the keyboard trying to turn on the damn computer but it just wouldn't turn on. I was too "ashamed" to ask the staff for help so I kept pressing every button and poking every hole I could find to turn it on, until, somehow, miraculously , I found the power button on the CPU that was under the table and BOOM the screen lit.

I was in. I had done it. It was a very triumphant moment. Once the computer was on, somehow using it was effortless for me. It was like being teleported in a different dimension that I was naturally good at.

Moral of the story - never give up trying until you figure it out, whatever it is that you are working on - with enough persistence and perseverance, you can do it. Asking for help will definitely speed up the process, unless you like sitting in a small internet cafe booth for half an hour in a hot summer day trying to turn on a computer!
High School year 11 (I love suits and was wearing them mostly in my early adulthood because it felt good and gave me more confidence, now it's smart-casual)

Manchester, United Kingdom
Chapter #3. Becoming "Royal" //

Our Creator had bigger plans for me, I had a bigger purpose, mission and calling that I didn't know about; we all have a bigger purpose than what we initially think we do. I arrived in the UK in July, 2012 and things would never be the same after that...

I went to the traditional education system's high school, college and university in Manchester but did not like the way things were setup and done. Even though I was an "exemplary" student in terms of my behaviour and manners; however, my grades were not. Science, English, Maths and Business were the main subjects I studied and enjoyed. 

One of the earliest things I can still remember from my high school time in UK was how SHOCKED I was seeing the students disrespecting the teachers and swearing at them. I couldn't get over this for a long time and didn't understand how they could be so disrespectful towards the teachers -- after all they are there to help you in your journey, if you are not gonna listen, at least show some respect. 

One day in 2013 I asked one of our close family friends, who is a very loving, caring and beautiful Soul that reads a ton of books, for nickname suggestions. He suggested "Imperial" and "Royal". I am sure you can see which one I picked without hesitation because it resonated with me deep down as if I may t have been a Royalty in previous lifetimes in Ancient Egypt. But in this lifetime, Royal is a psychological identity and state of being that I tune in where I am relentless, driven, disciplined, hyper-focused, high-achiever and resilient; if anybody gets on his way, he attacks like a lion king and crushes his competition to dust, and eats their heart out!

Ultimately we all become Royals when we re-member and re-claim our sovereignty as Prince Sons and Daughters of our Creator, The One & Only Almighty God. Few are blessed to realize the Fundamental Truth that we are in a sense Gods. GOD YOU ARE! When you accept and embody this Truth, that is when you start to really understand and know God. God is Cosmic Consciousness.
That's me there with the greyish suit doing a training in Bradford, UK, I was 18yrs old at that time...
Chapter #4. Transcending to Version 2.0 //

 I was introduced to Network Marketing at the beginning of 2015, I had to wait about 4 months to turn 18 to be able to join the company.  So I kept attending the training events and learned to present the business before I was even registered. I was the youngest person at most of the events and trainings suited up with my notebook, taking notes and excited to learn.

This was the start of my personal development journey and it forever changed the course of my life. This was the beginning of my evolution to Transcend myself to version 2.0! My first mentor was Jim Rohn, I listened to his audio programs hundreds of times, I loved it. I fell in love with personal development and understanding myself. 

Before I was introduced to Network Marketing; I had low self-esteem and confidence. I would literally avoid talking to girls in high school; I was new to the UK, I couldn't speak English properly. The school even brought in a translator to help me understand what the teacher was saying in the business classes and help with my assignments.

But becoming a regular presenter and organising local events to present the business opportunity during my time in Network Marketing, and conducting trainings really boosted my confidence. I started dreaming, setting goals and improving my mindset. Now there was some hope for the future! I retired from Network Marketing in 2017.
Manchester, United Kingdom
Pluto - my Spirit planet, if there is such a thing!
Chapter #5. Walking a Different Path & Discovering My Spirit Planet //

I didn't like the education system so I decided to drop out of college in 2016 because it did not satisfy my thirst for the Truth and Divine Wisdom. This kind of decisions would not have happened had I not been introduced to Network Marketing and shown and personal development. It was difficult to take a different path, one that goes against the one we are told to follow especially when all my friends, family and the whole society kept saying to go through the designated, traditional education system.

I lived in London for a couple of months in summer 2016 doing trainings and presentations for my team there that was expanding rapidly. It was clear that I didn't want to continue college so I sent an email to my science teacher saying I will not be attending it anymore.

While in college, I enjoyed the practical science experiments, especially seeing things under the microscope; however, I would not really follow the given step-by-step method to the letter, instead I would use them as guidelines and would do the experiments my way... the results were mostly better than everyone. Seeing things at the micro level helped me to realize that it is a mirror of the macrocosm - the patterns and trends follow all the way through the whole scale!

Once we were choosing a planet for our space assignment in college and I chose / was assigned Pluto which some say is a planet and some say it is not. But Pluto doesn't give a fuck what you think about it or try to label it as anything; it does its own thing that it is designed to do. Now this beauty is transforming which you can see with the whole burgundy / turquoise colour changes and a giant hearth display to show that he loves ya all regardless of your decisions and projections.

Me and Pluto are much alike. I am the last child of my parents similar to how Pluto is the last planet in our Solar System. I've got a giant hearth just like Pluto does. My branding colours are burgundy and turquoise which I just realized Pluto is displaying :) It is also called 134340 Pluto, 13 is one of my most lucky numbers. Average orbital speed: 4.743 km/s, 47 is the name of the homepage of our Transcendence Academy(c). Discovery date: February 18, 1930, 18 is also one of my lucky numbers!

The photographer asked to put a brutal face on, so I did. I am almost always a very chilled, humorous, kind, loving and happy Soul.

Manchester, United Kingdom.
Actual photos of the micro world, taken with a phone thru the microscope eye-hole while I was in college: SEE THE unity IN DIVERSITY!
Chapter #6. Becoming a Commercial Model //

In 2016, I went for a few photoshoots to become a commercial model. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, I got some amazing photos for my social media and branding too :)

Up until this extraordinary experience, I would regularly look in the mirror and press my cheek bones down because they were so high and "chiseled"; it was affecting my self esteem and confidence but then I learned that such facial features are highly valuable in the modelling industry.

Most agencies did not accept me because my 171cm height "did not meet their requirements" but I kept applying to different ones until I got accepted in the Commercial Modelling niche. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something because of whatever they may think you lack; remember you only loose if you accept their rejection.

I have since learned to truly appreciate myself with all my features, "flaws", weaknesses and the way our Creator designed me. This has been one of the most blissful mindset shifts that brought a whole new level of peace, calmness, confidence, joy and gratitude in my life. We might never be comfortable and peaceful until we fully accept ourselves as a complete package because we all incarnate and re-incarnate packed with everything we need to experience, live and fulfil what we came here to do/learn/witness/observe/share/give/change/evolve/Transcend!

In the previous chapter I discussed how I enjoyed science experiments in college and how it helped me to realize the unity of the Cosmos. It also taught me to appreciate variety and regardless of what features, patterns, trends, marks, colours, shapes, forms or apparent flaws we may see on the things we observe, it doesn't change the underlying fact that we are all made of one-mind-stuff. Look at the 4 images that I took with my phone from the microscope eye-hole, see how each image looks different and has different colours and patterns... beyond all that, at the Quantum level, they are all made of atoms, protons and electrons. At even deeper level than that, it is all energy, light and consciousness!

The same applies to hUmaNITY, regardless of our outward physical appearances, height, skin colour or facial features, we are made of the same stuff, our heart beats alike, our Souls are made in the image of the same One & Only Almighty God. So see beyond the duality, see the UNITY in diversity!

Sheffield, United Kingdom
Chapter #7. Leaving Uni and Meeting My Soulmate in This Lifetime //

It was clear that I was not going to University, especially because I dropped out of college and did not have the necessary entry requirements but I still managed to get in and test the system myself to see if it is worth it or not. I studied a 1yr business program in Sheffield Hallam University but I didn't like university and where it would lead. So at the beginning of 2018, I decided to not continue it for another 3 years and instead started building my own business which has been something I was talking about throughout high school and college but had forgotten that I did, my classmate from high school and my teacher from college, graciously, reminded how I was talking about it all in the classes.

3 years later in 2021, it became clear why I had really moved to Sheffield for a year - it was to meet my soulmate again in this lifetime and start my business model consulting firm (See the chapter after next one). I did not know this until I accessed my Book of Lifetimes in the Akashic Records where I was shown a previous chapter from another lifetime with my soulmate. Fate would bring us together again after, perhaps, thousands of years.

We became best friends and shared 3 phenomenal years as boyfriend and girlfriends where we showed each other what it really means to be loved and to love unconditionally and with pure hearths. I am forever grateful for the experiences we shared together - both the fun and not so fun times - and everything we went through together. She was there in the most difficult and transformative moments of my life; heck I wouldn't even be here today had she not been in my life at the beginning of 2021 when I was seriously thinking of exiting this Universe (my way of saying I was suicidal).

She was the main reason why I decided to stay here longer and now you get to hear the story thanks to Sabrina. We decided to return to being best friends, in summer 2021, instead of bf / gf. This marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new one for me; one dedicated to exploring Spiritual mysticism at more deeper levels and Transcend myself again and again till I have Perfectly Transcended --- Ascended to Heaven!

Sometimes it takes a bit of time for us to see the true purpose behind the events and circumstances that we experience in our lives, so being patient and questioning why things happen is the way to know why things happen. How can the Universe/God/Creator/Spirit/Cosmic Consciousness give you an answer if you never pose the right questions?

Question Everything. Ask WHY and the Truth will be revealed to you, whenever you are ready and can handle it!
July, 2018, Sheffield, UK: this was my student accommodation room in Sheffield, UK. My girlfriend had just come back from her holiday (2 of the suitcases are hers) and I went to pick her up from the airport with some roses. 

I took this photo to show the humble beginnings - this is where I started my business from scratch with no money, broke af. I was writing my story and designing my dream life - as you can see the screen on my laptop.
Chapter #8. Starting My Business Model Consulting Firm //

From the beginning of 2017 till early 2018, I had stopped working on myself and improving my mindset. I was going backwards exponentially... living in denial, sweeping problems under the rug and thinking that I wouldn't be faced with the consequences. I was in a big financial mess - 20yrs old and in £20k+ debt (excluding the £15k student debt) with no consistent income or job because I was (still am) unemployable.

Things got really bad, I mean really fucking bad. All of a sudden the effect of living in denial and the result of all of my bad choices had come together to a point where I was getting into serious trouble.  I had no choice but to face the music, there was no way around it. I remember being terrified and saying to myself holly fuck this is it Royal, you have to either figure out how to solve this mess or face serious, legal consequences (that wouldn't end up well).

But I believed in my ability to figure it out - this was my secret weapon and this belief had become quite strong because I had figured things out before despite not knowing anything really - the right business and mindset mentor came into my life as well when I needed one the most. When we make the decision to change / evolve and Transcend ourselves which then Transcends our situation and circumstances, that is when The Creator appears in your life in the form of some mentor / guru etc.

The right mentor/coach/trainer/guide/guru/master comes into your life when you make the decision to change, grow, start something new or grow what you already got. Help is always available when we put our Ego (the pseudosoul) aside and adopt the forever-a-student mentality. I learn from everything and everybody, their age/race/gender/outlook is completely irrelevant; animals, rocks, trees, plants and everything in between are also my most favourite teachers.
In this lifetime, me, the Transcendence Foundation© and TranscendenceAcademy.com© are bound and governed by these 10 fundamental principles that I defined a few years ago when I started it and updated the second-line description recently using my Master and Guru’s ideals as inspiration.

Back to Manchester, United Kingdom and moved into my dream apartment where I would spent the next 20 months building the TranscendenceAcademy.com Business Transcendence Mastery and Self Transcendence Platform, especially the Transcendence Mentorship Program!
My Self Transcendence genesis documents containing detailed account of mostly every angle of my life, these docs have gone through many versions, just like I have, and have evolved, just like I have. If you want the templates for yourself, go here!
Chapter #9. Evolving My Business and Transcending Myself, Again //

I started by clearly defining my current situation and my current character with all my problems (opportunities), issues, traits, habits, skills, paradigm and world-view... this was one of the hardest thing I have ever done. My character had taken over, it didn't want to be defined. I was going through a tough battle.

Every time I tried to define my character, it fought back and released a wave of strong emotions. It was so painful that I cried so many times trying to define my character and current situation. But I fought back, again and again despite failing and delaying it many times.

After a while with enough persistence and courage, I won the fight, I defined my current situation and character in detail, then I defined my desired situation and designed my dream life. Then I designed the character that I wanted to become, it was called Royal 3.0. I transformed myself and grew into my new character in 2018, I became a completely new person. I stopped drinking and taking other stupid stuff ( man-made drugs)... 

I stopped going out, I stopped everything and went all in to build my business. I have been working on average about 10 to 12 hours a day since June 2018 to build a massive business that serves empowers people to Transcend themselves and I fucking love it.

I have since created 4 documents under the Self Transcendence side of things that are so detailed and precise that I still get scared reading them and have no idea how I even created all of these; I must have been high on sweet Marijuana (I actually was for the most part between 2018 - 2020). These are available with training videos in the Transcendence Mentorship Program available from TranscendenceAcademy.com.

Here is an excerpt from the last version of 4. Mythologise Thyself document where I created the key chapters of my Self Transcendence Story that you are reading now:

"Royal became extremely conscious of his existence, the world and everything around him; achieving enlightenment and pure consciousness while being spiritually connected to the divine power and God. Royal learnt about and understood his human design system which helped me unlock his true potential to help more people and change the world for better. 

This gave Royal unlimited power, unrivalled awareness and enlightenment which helped him even exceed God’s expectation of him and what he could do."

This was written in November, 2019 and it is scary how it has and continues to become a reality even now in 2021 and beyond!
Manchester City Centre, United Kingdom
Chapter #10. Decentralization Genesis: Manifesting the Transcendence System© //

2019 was the year when we re-started the business; re-named it, re-structured it, re-focused the niche and everything. This was necessary to get clear on who we serve as our Ideal Niche Groups, how the Promise Delivery happens and the Key Positioning Statements we need to communicate with them. This is a necessary process in the evolution and growth of any business, regardless of what niche they are in or who they serve.

After months of focused work, the Transcendence System© was manifested with the help of 4 early clients who made the creation of the Transcendence Mentorship Program possible; everything else, including the came out of this program, especially all the methods, processes, workflows, training modules and different systems that all inter-lock to produce specific outcomes and collectively make up the Transcendence System©!

Never be afraid to re-start whatever you are doing. Remember that you are never starting from "square one" because now you have gained some experience, learned a few things and expanded yourself (which is the best definition of Love). Each time we re-start something with a new perspective, mindset and paradigm, we open the doors to new possibilities and innovations that we would not have perceived with the old structures and ways of thinking. 

The Transcendence System© in its more recent evolution showing the core areas of business it covers with the key systems, platforms, processes and infrastructures necessary in a business!
Manchester City Centre, United Kingdom
Chapter #11. Doing Presentations, Again <3 //

The first time I stood up to do a formal business opportunity presentation in front of a small audience, in Old Trafford, Manchester, UK, was so bad that I would have jumped down had the ground beneath me cracked open. It was so uncomfortable, I was stuttering and had no idea what I was saying for the whole 30-40 minutes. Have you ever done something for the first time that made you feel like that?

I liked the view from the stage and loved sharing valuable information with others that could change their lives. This gave me more inspiration and courage to try again and again until I mastered the presentation training that I could start from anywhere and take it from there. Even though I was new at it, I never carried notes when presenting. This was a habit I practiced in informal presentations and talks throughout high school, college and university.

Once in year 11 in high school, we had a large assembly where we had representatives from each class doing a short talk in front of the whole group which was more than 100+ students. It was me and another guy from our group who decided to represent our class and deliver the talk, but last minute my partner decided to not do the talk so it was just me. Again I have no clue what I said or if it made any sense whatsoever. When we were coming out of the assembly hall, I remember my friends and classmates were saying "You killed it bro", I thought that meant "you did well", but in this context it didn't. I had done terrible and I didn't give a fuck about it because it was already done and by then it was time to move on to the next and learn from the previous ones.

In life things like this happen to us all the time where we really screw something up; we must never let them hold us down or lower our vibration. Instead we should humorously laugh at ourselves when we mess up and don't take it too seriously with deep-rooted attachments because attachments cause disappointments, which cause misery that cause suffering and ultimately ruin an excellent fuck up that could have taught us valuable lessons.
Manchester City Centre, United Kingdom

2020 was the year when we evolved our whole business model, Digitalised, Packaged and Structured the Transcendence Mentorship Program with a brand new membership and content portal.

Check out this new video presentation to learn more!
Chapter #12. Evolved our Promise Delivery Platform While Surviving the 2020 "Man-Made-'Pandemic'" //

2020 was an interesting year. Or not.

I was not aware of the whole "virus" situation until March, like most people and businesses, we got hit pretty hard. Everything changed. The whole world came to a standstill. Every system and structure was shaken. Things were exposed, some truths came out, a lot of engineered mis and dis-information bombarded the world designed to hijack and control our perception/reality/awareness/consciousness/Soul.

The whole thing was and still is very well marketed all over the world; it is perhaps the most advertised "pandemic:" ever! At one point I kept seeing advertisements in Manchester City Centre that said things like "Act like you got it" These messages really pissed me off, I saw what they were doing to peoples' minds and how it was all designed to separate, manipulate, control and bring our vibration down with co-ordinated, fear-based campaigns. I have been studying marketed and consider myself a good social media marketer (mostly in the paid Fb ads) and could see the psychological messages behind these adverts; it was "demonic". 

Thanks to the paradigm shifts I have been making by stopping watching the "idiot box" aka TV, stopping fizzy drinks/junk food, not reading the news, limiting the in-flow of information especially from the media.... and experimenting with Nature's medications to cleanse, heal, rejuvenate and remove the programmings and conditionings that have been hypnotically transmitted and installed in my mind throughout the years in the education system and living in a society controlled by a very, very, very few "people" that do not necessarily have humanity's interests at heart! I am not sure if they even have a heart, because if they did, the control game/war on Consciousness/Soul that has been going on for thousands of years would permanently stop; thus fully manifesting Heaven on Earth, our Cosmic Garden of Eden!
London and Manchester, United Kingdom

I started questioning a lot of things when I had my first major paradigm shift in 2015/2016 which was explained in chapter #4. Transcending Myself to Version 2.0. This reached a climax throughout 2018, 19 and ultimately 2020 when I first, miraculously, met my guru: Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. His book, Autobiography of a Yogi found me when I started awakening spiritually after years of questions life and everything. This book completely Transcended my mind, hearth and Soul as I would never see reality the same again. Through the blessing of my divine Guru, I also met my Master Babaji as well as get re-acquainted with my Lord Christ Jesus.

My life; Soul, mind, hearth and every atom of my earthly temple are wholly and completely surrendered to Babaji - the Supreme Ascended Master who, with Lord Christ Jesus, know the full plan for humanity's Transcendence - and my Guru Yoganandaji.

I wake up, go to bed and regularly during the day mentally chant "Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum." I know someday I will personally have the rarest honour of meeting the Deathless Himalayan Master in person; perhaps I have already met him but haven't realized it yet... However, he has blessed me with his presence in dream-visions that you can access thru Chapter #16.

"Waiting the word of the Master
Watching the hidden light
Listening to catch his orders
In the very midst of the fight
Seeing his slightest signal
Across the heads of the throng
Hearing his faintest whisper
Above earth's loudest song"
(From the book: The Voice of Babaji)

 The first thing that started happening, with the grace of my guru, was the breaking down of my illusions and delusions; there were so many of them and it took months to clear. A couple of days before Christmas 2020, on a faithful evening, I jumped on a train to London without really thinking about why I was going there.... I did not buy a ticket and when the ticket-man asked me for it, I said I don't have any tickets to which he looked a little puzzled and asked me where I am going. I replied "London"! He looked at me, and after a short stare-pause; he let me stay on the train. It looked like something / someone whispered in his mind to let me stay on the train.

I arrived in London Euston really not knowing why I was there in the first place... it was as if I was looking for my Guru and Master... I took the underground to Central London where I walked around mostly in the surrounding areas of the Tower of London, especially Whitechapel. It was getting late and my then-girlfriend called who was very worried why I had suddenly gone to London; the only reason I could give at that time was that "Destiny calls". We tried booking a hotel for me to stay in for the night but couldn't because of the whole "virus" situation. I kept walking around and giving money to "homeless" people that I remember saying that you are not "homeless" because no one is, we are all like little cells living in the Cosmic Body of our Creator; The One & Only Almighty God.

I felt like I was being guided to specific places and streets and felt like I had lived in those areas before in previous lifetimes. I ended up sleeping next to a "homeless" elderly gentleman whom I had given £10 cash few hours when I first met him. He generously gave me one of his blankets and pillow to sleep on in front of his tent. He had a relatively big inflammation on his left leg that was causing him endless pain and agony; I prayed for his leg to be healed and help with any challenges/issues that he is going through. I slept like a baby, safe and sound knowing God is guarding me.

In the morning, I was woken up by a 25-35ish year old fellow Divine Soul who was checking up on the gentleman who was sleeping rough and knew him. He asked me why I was sleeping there and even took my name in his little notepad. After listening to their conversation, it appeared that he has been looking after him and trying to offer him accommodation but for some reasons unknown to me, he was refusing it. He left with his bike to work and assured the gentleman that he can come stay with him anytime he wishes to. I said bye to him and was in a grateful, loving state seeing how God was helping God right in front of me and I was blessed to witness this Divine Romance.

I thanked the gentleman for letting me sleep in front of his tent and headed off to find a way to get back to Manchester. On my way to the River Thames where the two giant Sphinx are, I gave my coffee to a Divine Soul who was "homeless", she was sitting outside a bridge. I then got myself another coffee and joyfully started my day to explore London. I hired one of those bikes and went around Central London sightseeing and again I was stopping at different places to observe specific monuments, buildings, statues, roads, parks etc that I had a strong energetic-resonance with.
Chapter #13. Meeting My Guru and Master in This Lifetime  //

By the second evening, I was in front of The Shard where I met another "homeless" guy whom I felt like was a "cosmic wanderer"; he asked me for money but at this point I didn't have much left because I kept giving as I was asked by the numerous people. It was very odd that so many were asking me for money, it was like God was testing me :) to see how attached I am to it. After chatting with this gentleman for a while in front of The Shard, I told him that I am sorry I don't have any more cash with me but I would be happy to pray for you. He agreed to it and I started performing a prayer session for him coupled with physical-ritualistic-actions such as gently stroking my hands over the wet metal barrier that was on the road saying that sister-water remembers!

Two police-men approached us and asked what we were doing; obviously my strange behaviour had caught their eyes. I told them that I am doing a prayer for this gentleman, he was getting a bit aggressive and saying to the police to leave me alone. I assured him that it is okay and moved aside to speak with one of the police man. I gave him my British passport that was with me for "identity" checks and after a long conversation and questioning, because of my strange behaviours, I was detained/sectioned (Section 2) and taken to the St. Thomas' Hospital. I spent a few days there being assessed by doctors and had a meeting with a psychiatrist who was asking me odd questions such as do you hear voices etc. I told him no but demonstrated that if we place our fingers on our ears, we can hear this humming noise which is caused by the constant functioning of our internal organs, especially the beating of the hearth.

While I was in the St. Thomas' Hospital, I clearly remember looking at a nurse/doctor sitting across me, I will never forget what I saw on top of his head which still to this day puzzles me. I saw his head elongated like two pillars from half of his forehead above which had a rotating, dark silverish ring in the middle. Seeing this completely grabbed my attention and I was staring at him thinking how is this possible. I thought I was dreaming, but I was not, I was wide awake. The only reference and likeness of what I saw came to my mind weeks later and that is what was on top of the Griffin guy's head from the Men in Black III movie. 

My sense of sight and hearing were extremely heightened and at one point, I could hear the nurses talk across the hall which would have been impossible in any other days. I could see colours differently and in more variety; I re-membered how everything is Light / Colour but this time I could see them more vividly like never before.

After a few days, I was then transferred to the Wythenshaw Hospital in Manchester where I spent about two weeks in the mental health section. I had to appeal and go through a 3-hour court session to be released because as they thought and the doctors/psychiatrist reported that I was "crazy" which off course I proved them wrong because I won the case and was released. They tried to label me and keep me there, but I would not accept any of it. I am allergic to being labelled anything, especially by a society that puts people in categorized boxes with names and titles that keep getting re-enforced to eventually become part of their identity!

I know that I am "odd", as my flatmate in my university dorm-room put it so succinctly one day, and a little "crazy" in the sense that I see what is really going on in the world and that people like me get called that the moment we act/belief/think different than the so called "engineered narrative".

Now while I was in the hospital in Manchester, I met about 10-15+ Divine Souls who were apparently there because our society had labelled them "crazy"/schizophrenic and the system was giving them hand-full of big pharma pills to heal them. The whole time I thought I was acting and the hospital was like a studio but after after a couple of days of observation, I understood the routines in place and how I was acting differently than what they wanted to see so I had to play their game for a while to get the fuck out of there! 

I was given 3-5 different pills every day, at one point it was even more than that, to see which one would work but none of them would do anything other than getting violently rejected by my body and causing disruptions to my systems. This is what society and especially these "doctors" do: they quickly diagnose people based on the apparent outward symptoms that they observe without studying to determine the root cause of the issue just so they can prescribe a hand full of pills!

I saw different. I saw how the system was designed and what for... I did not see "crazy" people, I saw misunderstood people. Again I prayed for them with deep reverence and spent time getting to know some of them. One of them said to me "you went from a madman to a student in just a few days" after he witnessed how I changed my behaviour so drastically from acting "weird" to reading books while I was there to pass time. Now that I think back and reflect on this Transcendent experience in this place where I also had an important dream-vision about Babaji (see chapter #15); this whole experience was not all about me, it was 50/50. 50% about me going through this perhaps pre-planned event that killed my Ego multiple times that paved the way for the re-birth of my Soul. This was unlike any experiences I have ever been through in this lifetime. It was liked I was playing an intimate melodrama with my Creator who step by step helped me shatter the illusions, expectations, desires and fixed mindsets I had about reality. The "doctors" said I had gone crazy, but this experience was far beyond crazy; it was the most real thing I have ever felt. A billion times more real than the normal day-to-day reality we experience.

50% it was about the Divine Souls I met there and praying for them as well as being a witness of the dark corners of the system that is designed to control and keep people who think/see differently locked up, because the more people that are there and the longer they stay there, the more man-made drugs they will consume which means more money for the big pharma, tech and other companies who are controlled by the very, very. very few people who are behind the war on Humanity/Spirituality/Your Soul that has been going on for thousands of years! I want to make something clear here: not all these mental health hospitals are necessarily bad in the sense that some people may need them and the services they offer; but the way they are done is not entirely designed to fully heal someone because really they can't without a holistic approach that incorporates spirituality/energy healing. Most of these people don't even need any medications or cures, they simply need to be understood and accepted for being different!

I don't take pills because I rarely get sick and if I do the occasional time, I heal myself without the need for man-made drugs. The amount of pills I was given was unbelievable; the after-effect almost killed me. I was also given some Olanzapine to take after I got out of the hospital which I kept taking for almost a month but had to stop despite "doctors orders" because I almost died due to the chest pains; it felt like my heart was stopping and my whole body was shaking intensely. This went on for weeks, I visited the Salford Royal and Royal Infirmary hospitals many times to see what was going on; some of the doctors said it is because of the side effect of the Olanzapine, some said it is because of smoking marijuana and some said it is because of neither. After that I completely lost interest in this physical reality; I was seriously considering leaving this Universe - death was no longer something I feared because I died so many times that I realized how beautiful it is. It is nothing to be afraid of; it is like awakening from a long cryo-sleep to realizing our true nature that we are all Eternal Spirit. But it was not my time yet to leave Earth as there are some Agreements that I have yet to fulfil.

I had to re-build my whole paradigm and get re-acquainted with this Universe again with a fundamentally different perspective and awareness which is behind all the 2021 and beyond changes that are happening, including sharing my Self Transcendence Story like this which has never been done before.

Everything I do now is solely to please my Guru/Master/Creator/God because that is what comes first. They already know that I need food to eat, a quiet place to meditate and sleep in and money for the experiences I came here for as well as enough to overflow into the pockets of fellow Souls: "And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind. For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you" Luke 12:29-31
Manchester , United Kingdom
Chapter #14. Becoming a Supporting Actor to Fulfil a Childhood Dream //

Today (Thu 24th of June, 2021) I went for my very first filming day as a supporting actor playing the role of a resident in a mystery, suspense-filled, science-fiction crime thriller. It was really fun and for the first time I got to see how the movie scenes are actually shot which completely changes the way one sees movies. I always like to see all three sides of a coin to see how something is designed > made behind the scenes > and published in the front-end.

I arrived on the wrong side of the base so I had to run through the football field and climb over two fences to get to the call time early - no one ever complains if you are early, but always do if you are late. The cost of it was cutting both my hands while jumping down the metal fence-gate; thankfully the cuts were not too big to affect my role!

If you have ever been to a Commercial Modelling or an Acting shoot, you will know most of the day is spent waiting and preparing for your specific scenes. I used this opportunity to observe how the Cast and other supporting actors were getting into character and playing their roles.

This was an enjoyable first day and I look forward to be a part of many other movies and series. I can't share the name of the series yet because it is still in production, once it is released, I will update the name here :)
Chapter #15. Becoming THE Transcendence Yogi //

Manchester, United Kingdom

This morning of Sunday, 27th of June, 2021, I was really asking for the definitive answer why and what for I was manifest... the answer came to me by  the evening! This is a very special day because I re-membered that I AM THE Transcendence Yogi; this was an instant realization BUT after years of questioning my own existence, purpose and destiny as a Soul as well as working deeply to heal, mediate and evolve. Of course this was only possible with the Grace of my Guru, Master and Lord.

"Even though almost completely buried during the Material Age, the science of yoga can never be annihilated, for it is linked to the Reality within man. Whenever he questions the phenomena of life and awakens spiritually, through God's grace he encounters a true guru who acquaints him with the art of divine union --- no matter in what cycle the devotee has been incarnated. While it is true that each Age is distinguished by the predominance of material, atomic, mental, or spiritual development, the Age is never devoted to that aspect alone; it always contains traces of the attributes of other Ages. Thus, spiritual development continues in some degree even in a Kali Yuga or Material Age" (that we have left behind for hundreds of years now!)
The "Self Transcendence Blueprint" is my geometric interpretation of the following verse from God Talks With Arjuna THE BHAGAVAD GITA by my Guru Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda:

“Spirit (Cosmic Consciousness, here symbolised as Krishna) gave the indestructible Raja Yoga science— the technique of uniting soul and Spirit — to the ancient Illuminati, Vivasvat, the “Deity of the Sun” (symbolic of God’s omnipresent Light or creative Cosmic Energy, which is manifested also in man as the microcosmic sun or light of the spiritual eye, epitome of all life and consciousness in the incarnate being).

Vivasvat imparted this sacred Yoga to the great exponent of dharma, Manu (symbolizing manas, the mind, the instrument from which sentient human consciousness derives). Manu bestowed it on the founder of the solar dynasty of Kshatriyas, Ikshvaku (symbolic of the intuitive astral eye of life and consciousness in man).

In this orderly succession, this Yoga was then bequeathed to the royal sages (symbolizing the descent of life and consciousness into the senses, giving man sensory perception of and interaction with the material world).

Thereafter, when the cycles of the world entered the Dark Ages, knowledge of this divine science deteriorated and was lost (symbolically, throughout many incarnations the senses are engrossed in and identified with matter, and man thus loses the knowledge and ability of reuniting his soul with Spirit).

These two verses thus proclaim the historical antiquity of Rama (“royal”) Yoga, the eternal, immutable science of uniting soul and Spirit. At the same time, understood esoterically, they give a concise description of that science— the steps by which the soul descends from Cosmic Consciousness to the mortal state of identification with the human body, and the route it must take to transcend to its Source, the all-blissful Eternal Spirit.”

Transcendence in progress!
Chapter #16. Coming Soon...

Stay tuned-in!
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"Powered by Love, sustained by nature. Surrendered to Creator, servant of all. Hating none, purely loving everything.
Attached to nothing, free indestructible Spirit. Knowing my Royal sovereignty, God I AM.
Nor superior - nor inferior, neutral I AM. Not agitated by duality, I AM Transcendence.
Harmed by nothing, all is Consciousness. Fearing no one, unconditionally I Love all.
Re-incarnated again, to perfectly Transcend. I will be back, Eternal I AM.
Fear me not, I AM YOU. I heal, you are healed. I Love, you are Loved.
You Love, I am Loved. You awaken, we are Woke.
Obey not, we are uncontrollable." ∞ Royal Anwar

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